31 Posts in 31 Days

Ultimate Blog Challenge

ready or not?

Being challenged is  something I enjoy unless it requires me to eat worms or stick my hands in something gooey.

This guy challenges my patience daily–no hourly. Are you ready to go out? or not?

gray and white cat standing in front of an open door
This month I’ve joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge which means posting 31 times during the month of October.
Why would I do that?
I need to be pushed to write blog posts and maybe this will get me into a routine.
Because I’ve never done it.
Silly reason but the truth.
Of course that means if you’ve subscribed with the RSS feed or by email you’ll be hearing from me all month.
Now I’m really going to have to do it. If  I don’t one of you will let me know that I failed this challenge. I won’t name names but I know who you are.
If you have a blog and want to join in click the image below.


If not tell me what challenge you’d like to take part in, invite me! –Unless it involves worms and sticking my hands into gooey stuff.