Friday Photo and Winner


I needed something calming to look at this morning.
There is one more night of Babylon (Vacation Bible School) and tonight we
are making flutes. Tiny nails, blocks of wood and had cardboard tubes taped to the table should make for a noisy night. The kids are enjoying the crafts and that makes it fun for me.



Here’s another adult having fun at VBS.
But I’m pretty sure Shadrach didn’t carry a cell phone.

Do you have VBS at your church? 

The winner of Short-Straw Bride was Melissa.

VBS and Sunday ROW80 check-in

It’s been a fun weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary, so not much was accomplished toward my major goal for ROW80. I did get the synopsis written, but not the chapters. That’s for this Wednesday’s check-in. At least one chapter finished by then.

The good thing is after that 15 mile bike ride I felt okay about eating a great lunch complete with a gluten free chocolate chip cookie from Free Range Bakery.

It’s a busy week ahead. VBS (vacation Bible school) starts tomorrow night and I’ll be there. It’s going to be fun working with the children. We have an amazing volunteer staff and they’ve turned the church into biblical Babylon.

This is one of the hedges. I’m pretty sure that hedges in Babylon don’t have names in them, though.

Can you spot the name and the initial?