Where Treasure Hides

Where Treasure Hides by Johnnie Alexander Donley

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Where the Treasure Hides

Good Read!

The historical genre for inspirational has opened up to include World War 2.  I’m grateful for that because fictional Where  Treasure Hides by Johnnie Alexander Donley is a treasure of history that we need to be aware of right now. We do not want history to repeat itself and through well written fiction like Where the Treasure Hides perhaps we will be more aware of what is happening around us.

The story line involves artist Allison Schuyler, sent back to Holland by her grief-stricken father to live with her grandfather and aunt. The family owns a well-known art gallery.

Allison loves art more than anything until she meets Ian Devlin on a trip to England. The war around them is escalating and Alison doesn’t want to love any one. She believes the family is cursed. If she marries Ian he will die. and with the war the possibility of that occurring is even greater.

As the story title implies there is treasure—the paintings created by the Masters. They must be hidden and protected but at what cost? Is it more important than a human life? These are decisions Alison must make.

Where  Treasure Hides is an excellent read and while there is a healthy dose of history it does not over-ride the story which I found pleasant.


Are you excited about finding a new historical set in WW2?