Are you a noun or a verb?

bookcases in kalidescope photo action

Accepting the challenge of  being an action verb.

Round 3 of  ROW80 is just beginning and Kait Nolan writes:
While it’s a great thing to own being a writer, it’s not enough.  It’s necessary but not sufficient.  Because saying that you are a writer is a static thing.  It’s a noun.  A descriptive term.
READ MORE on her site about how it works.

The kalidescope photo on the right reminds me of my writer’s brain. I have so many ideas, some of them overlap and others barely touch because they are a new idea spawned from on old idea. The there are the everyday “if you are alive you have to do other things besides write” that invade my brain.

Those other things have thrown me off course with my writing. It’s easy to allow every day life to take over your writing time when you don’t have a contract–deadline. It must stop–now.

I’m accepting the ROW8o challenge (Round of Words in 80 days) I will be an action verb!
Will you join too?

Here are my career goals:
Write two proposals.
Do 2 blog posts a week.
Write 3 chapters for one book.
Study the art of marketing and apply it for the books that are now for sale.

Personal Goals:
Continue using
Continue working out.
And this is the hard one!!! Keep the house clean.

If you are a writer hope on over to Kait Nolan’s site and join up. It’s free.

If you aren’t a writer how about setting your own career and personal goals. Track them the next 80 days and see how  much you’ve accomplished.

In the comment box below tell me what you want to accomplish in the next 80 days.