Tap Dancer Turns

Trisha Turns and Taps

a2z: The Letter ‘T’

As soon as I saw Trisha Turns do the splits on the wall I knew I had to make her my Letter T for a2z.

Tapper Turns does wall splits flexiblity
Looks like a T!
I began my adventure in getting into shape at Studio L.
Trisha Turns was the first person I met. She has a great smile, engaging personality and she teaches Tap!
Yes, Trisha Turns Teaches Tap! This is like word heaven for a writer.
tap dancer
Tapping Trisha Turns
Can it get any better than this? Yes! Trisha Turns has a cute little dog named Tiffany!!! No I’m not making this up!
small dog with t-shrit
Tiffany Turns
And what does a tap dancer love to eat? Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pancakes!
She loves these!
Meeting Trisha  has been a great joy. I’m not ready to take her Turns class though.
Yes, one last T–She also teaches Turns. She’s a writer’s dream. Thanks Tiffany!

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  1. Tiramisu…Trisha Turns should like Tiramisu. Of course that would mean I should like Gingersnaps, etc. and I don’t. Okay, I give in. She can have peanut butter and chocolate pancakes, especially since she can do the splits on the wall. WOW!

    1. Ginger! Tiramisu! I’ll ask her tomorrow. Yep, she can eat what she wants-splits on the wall…it’s amazing.

  2. She should change what she loves to eat. “Peanut Butter and ChocolatePancakes!” does not start with a ‘t’ Maybe it is fine because Chocolate can sound like a ‘t’. ;o)

    1. Retha, when I wrote that I thought she should eat ‘T’ food. 🙂 She likes Nutella–so maybe it’s foods with the letter ‘T’ in the name.

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