Telemarketing Frustration

Telemarketing Insanity

Telemarketing gone wrong has become my new pet peeve. It used to be that a person would call and I would feel bad about not being polite enough when I said no for the tenth time.

Now I get robot calls, the latest one from the Government loan program sends me up high as the Denver treeline. Sallie Mae gets the brainless telemarketing collection system award.

The robot gives me a long speech about needing to reach my son. It goes like this:

This is (pick a name) calling for _______. If this is not you, please put the phone down and go get him.”

Seriously, that’s what they say! I’ve punched buttons and they want his SSN. I don’t know it. So I punch more buttons hoping to get a human. No, they hang up. I call them back at the number they give, the robot answers.

“Please enter your social security number.”


I’ve tried to get a human to talk to hoping to give them his phone number, never mind that he’s only given it to them every month and he hasn’t lived here in almost ten years. He also isn’t late on his payment. He consolidated his loans and for some reason they can’t figure that out. Then they get paid (from the consolidation group) and they stop calling.

So just for you Salle Mae:

award brainless


What telemarketing calls make you insane?

2 thoughts on “Telemarketing Frustration

  1. Caro Ness says:

    Tell me about it! Brainless indeed. And not telemarketing, but how about the automated voice at your local hospital which asks you which department you want, and you say “orthopedics” and it puts you through to “geriatric” …

    • Diana Brandmeyer says:

      That would be frustrating. I’ve noticed our onstar can’t figure out what we say, they rephrase it with I thought you said Toy, if this is correct say yes. We say NO! Then they come back with let’s try this again. And the joy continuues….

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