The Gift

It’s the Christmas season. I should be happy, singing carols, loving the gift wrapping and baking tons of cookies. But that wasn’t me this year. I prepared for Christmas with a blanket of sadness. My youngest son isn’t coming home in time for Christmas and that makes me sad. Our house wasn’t decorated. I didn’t feel that we could put up a tree because of Cleveland. He’s a fun cat but has a terrible habit of marking everything, because we have another cat, Wendell. Two male cats in a house is not a good idea even if they are both neutered.

So no tree.

I did get out Christmas cards to some people. I was a bit lax on doing those as well. I decided that if I couldn’t decorate my tree I would at least send my favorite ornament out on my card.
My grandmother gave her grandkids these angels. I still have mine and for me it wasn’t an official Christmas until that angel went on the tree.
I used snapfish and put this on my card. I mailed them out and waited to see if any of my cousins would realize what ornament it was.

Sure enough, Nancy every ready and observant called and and asked if this was just a quinky dink that I had found a card with this angel on it. We laughed and had a fun conversation about Grandma and wondered if she had found a set of angels and divivived them out amoung her grandchildren.

Then I found an email from my cousin Patty. She sent me this photo.She said she felt like she was 4 years-old again.

Still I was sad. No tree. I didn’t even want to get any of our decorations out. What was the point I moaned and groaned to all of my friends and most of all to my husband. It just won’t be Christmas, no tree, no Josh, no stockings and no presents under the tree. Even Wendell wouldn’t get to enjoy his favorite time of year in the house, he loves to lay under the Christmas tree.
It’s just too sad.

Then this morning I came downstairs.
My wonderful husband had given me the best gift of all. A tree! Not the tree in the box upstairs that we always put up. He had gone through the effort to find a tree small enough to put on the desk where Cleveland couldn’t get to it. (he’s not a jumper!)
He left me a very sweet note, saying it wasn’t much but he hoped it would help me.
It did. I cried. Not sad tears but happy ones.
Even Wendell is happy now. It was one
of the best Christmas gifts he could have given me.

So today I will sing carols, put ornaments on the tree and even make cookies. It is amazing what one small gift of kindness can accomplish.

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  1. What a wonderful, thoughtful thing for your hubby to do! I’ll bet the extra hugs and kisses he got for the next few days made him feel special too. Thanks for sharing a very sweet story.

  2. That’s pretty wonderful. And isn’t amazing how guys always think they haven’t gotten you “much” when it’s always the perfect thing?

    Hope your Christmas is still a good one even without Josh.

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