The Power of Reviews

Do you write reviews?

Do you read them before you buy a book or a product?

I do write them and it’s not always easy. If I love a book I give it a 5 star it’s the ones that I’m not so sureI love that I struggle with. If it’s a book I don’t leave a three star on Amazon because that’s as bad as a one star, those books I don’t post reviews.

Products? That’s a different story.

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This past week  I left a one star on a product. I wanted to leave zero stars but it wasn’t possible.

If I had taken the time to read the reviews on this product I wouldn’t have bought it, but I didn’t think about it.

My cats go outside and I needed some flea protection for them. I was at Wal-Mart and usually I pick up Pet Armour. They were out so I snagged a package of Adam’s Top Spot.

Serious mistake. One of my cats, Wendell had a terrible reaction. He was shaking, staring off into space an his fun came out in chunks! I’m fortunate it wasn’t worse. After posting my review I read through the others on Amazon. Many cats have reacted to this product in even more dangerous ways, seizures and horrific sores.

wendell icecream

Wendell is fine now. This is an old shot of him feeling well– on top of the fridge.

He’s not quite back to normal but I’m hoping for a full recovery.

So do you write reviews?

Do you think it makes a difference when you post a negative review? In this case I hope my review protects someone else’s beloved cat.

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  1. I try to leave negative reviews when the product is harmful or deceiving and neutral-to-positive reviews if the product mostly worked (or was likely my fault it didn’t, and I make sure I say that). On the other hand, I also try to leave positive reviews of products that worked like they claimed or customer service was wonderful. I often wonder when I read several mixed reviews if the product is truly questionable, or if the people who were satisfied simply didn’t bother to say so (which is my case quite often).

    1. Oh yes, Carrie, the ‘clueless user’ review. I always state that as well. Sometimes I can’t quite figure out how it’s supposed to work but I like what it does-if that makes sense. I do amazon vine reviews which means you have to post something even if it’s neagative. That’s where some of those ‘not sure’ reviews come in for me.

  2. Absolutely we should sound off about dangerous, phony, misleading or improper products or services. Restaurants should also be informed when their fare is lousy, cold, or unsanitary. I’m with you, however, on the book reviews. If I can’t give one a four- or five-star review, I just keep quiet.

    1. Jodi,
      Maybe we should be more clear about why on the books?
      For me it’s not a clear thing on a book review. It’s subject to a person’s emotions at the time they read it and how they feel. I know sometimes even the lighting I’m using to read with can change how I read/interpret.

      But products that’s pretty clear on how they should work, yes and the same with restaurants.

  3. Poor Wendell! I hope he’s back to normal. I do write and read book reviews, although I don’t take all of them seriously. I’ve never written a product review, but that’s a good idea. I’m going to start doing that.

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