The Writing Process, Q&A, Interviews with Tyndale Oh My!

It’s been an amazing week for me. The writing process for me has taken me on many journeys. Every time a book is published I am amazed and awed by the publishers responses. All of the publishers I’ve worked with have provided me with exceptional editors and marketing staff.
Tyndale, my latest publisher, is among them.
Working with them has been a pleasure.
Tyndale Blog
Tyndale has begun the promotion for Mind of Her Own  on their blog.  To say that makes me happy is not good enough. Ecstatic? Yep, that works.
In case you missed any of the copious amounts of tweets and facebook status here are the links:
If you haven’t read them, please do and leave me a comment over there. I’d love that!

2 thoughts on “The Writing Process, Q&A, Interviews with Tyndale Oh My!

  1. Laura McClellan says:

    Well . . . I went to the Tyndale blog to read about The Writing Process (because I LOVE reading about other writers’ processes). And the little bit you wrote about the story trapped me. So I went to Amazon and pre-ordered the Kindle version!

    And I love the look of your office. 🙂

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