Traditions or Predictions?

This is Andy. Cute isn’t he? He made this ornament in 2nd grade, I think. I thought I would remember everything my kids did and said that were adorable but doesn’t work that way!

Andy has always been creative, making things with paper, drawing, guitar–his hair.

I’m so proud of him. He has just received his first Masters in Art and graduated with a 4.0. Yes, I said first. He’s going for his second and will be done next year. Then he plans on teaching art on the University level. Right now he has some of his work for sale on ETSY I really want the painting of the man, he sort of looks like my hubs.

All  my sons as they were growing up,  received a special ornament on St. Nicks. The hope was they would take these with them and adorn their own trees someday, that the ornaments would bring them treasured memories.

We still have Andy’s ornaments since he hasn’t found his permanent home yet. As I hung this one on the tree he called home to tell us about his grades.

For Andy every year I tried to find something to represent the talent I saw in him that year. Now I have a new memory to go with this one. Maybe he’ll let me keep it.

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  1. Oh, MY! I have a whole series of these tree ornaments that are now, sigh, from five to fourteen years old.

    Practically antiques!

    Love, love this blog.

    Merry Christmas!

    Let's “Chat” soon!


  2. We did the same thing growing up, each of us having ornaments with a theme. I had angels, so when I went out on my own I had a whole set of ornaments to take with me.

    I've tried to do the same thing with my kids, but haven't been as diligent with it.

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