Under the Christmas tree

Best Christmas Gift

a2z is for the letter “U”

It’s Christmas!

Maybe you have snow, or maybe you are celebrating where the sun shines bright and warm today.

Christmas, tree, Jesus
White Christmas


The packages are opened, paper crumpled and tossed in fun, bows are stuck on top of heads. What? You don’t put them on your head?

red Christmas bow
Wear it!
The tree once beautiful with all the packages looks a little bare.
Christmas tree with white lights
Not my tree!
Wait! There is another gift!
Jesus in  a manger
Now the baby Jesus in this picture was born Jewish, so I think he’d have dark hair, brown eyes and a little darker skin. It doesn’t matter what he looked like though.
What is important is to know what Jesus did for me, and for you if you want to follow Him.
In case you missed the birth announcement of Jesus Christ let me tell you about him.
God sent his only son to live among us to keep the Jewish laws perfectly. He lived as Jewish man the way God wanted us to live, but we find impossible. We break the commandments all the time. We are not perfect people. Jesus was and he did follow God’s laws.
He did it for us. He came here for me, to take my sins, the ugly mistakes and things I’ve done that I’m not even aware of being wrong. Because of Him I get to stand before God, my father without fear of damnation. Grace has given me eternal life. I hope that you also decide to follow Him.
Merry Christmas

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