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Thank you, Patty Wysong for the challenge. I survived.
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  1. Diana, I am sooo sorry. I read your Vlog early this morning and in the middle of the day I realized, “oh, no I called you Diane in the comment I left.” I really do know your name! HUGS!

  2. What a sweet husband! I didn't even tell my husband or family that I was going to do this. I was stressed enough without their comments.

    Great job! I love the humor!

  3. Great vlog and what a sweet husband to join you in your vlogging adventure! Understand the color thing. I've found I shop in color-sequences. When I'm shopping with my husband, I normally buy all purple. When I'm with my teen daughter, I come home with all sorts of orangey-coral stuff. Funny how that happens. Today I'm still in my PJs so…I'm in blue and gray. Ah, sleepy colors, like the evening sky when the sun first dips below the horizon. 🙂

  4. I LOVE it!! =] Love that Ed helped as your photographer, too! I kicked everyone out so I wouldn't hyperventilate even more. LOL.

    Thanks soooo much for joining in the craziness! It was great seeing and hearing you!! Now I have a face and a voice to go with your name. =]


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