Watch out for Nails

D is for DANGER!

I am an HGTV junkie. I admit it. Those those decorating and remodeling shows give me an adrenalin rush. But more importantly I love doing the things most people hire out or just think about doing.

When House Hunters comes on I find it hard not to yell, “Come on! Painting is easy! So what if the walls are black and purple? They make paint with primer for that!

Sarah’s House and Dear Genvieve captivate me.

So when I managed to save up enough cash I convinced Mr. Do Everything to go with me to the flooring store. (side note: did you know if they take cash you can get a discount!) The 24 boxes of red oak sat in our house acclimating itself to our living conditions for three days. It seems the flooring acclimated just fine to being being covered in dust and books so this week we started the project.

My job was to take up the staples left behind from carpeting and rip out the small entry way wood floor. See those nails? I did not want a tetanus shot so my goal was to keep from stepping on one or falling and puncturing my hand.

Now this is not an unwarranted concern. The last house we remodeled I stepped off a floor joist and my leg went through the ceiling of the dining room below me. No, I did not let Mr. Do Everything take a photo of my leg dangling. My sons were very disappointed.

The final report? I did step on a nail or rather stumbled into one but it only went into the side of my sketcher. It now has a flat. Thankfully, it didn’t break the skin. No shot for me!

The crowbar is another story. That is one strong piece of steel that has no give when it comes to smacking yourself in the chest.

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  1. Yikes! I hope your chest survived the crowbar. Home hardware stores are one of my favorite places to go. So many ideas. Really glad you didn't need a shot. Steel toed boots for you.

  2. {sort of} laughing… for years I've said I would NEVER do a remodeling project with my husband. I can do stuff DIY, but we have issues trying to hang mirrors together, much less a major project! KUDOS to you, and glad you're still in one piece!

  3. LOL! My goal whenever we do anything is to avoid the ER at all costs! I like to watch HGTV at times, too, but also get frustrated at what people pick apart when they are looking at houses. Glad you made it through your project safely — got the floor done??

  4. I'm not afraid of spiders or snakes but have a real fear of rusty nails. Maybe the fear is also of Tetanus shots. I like do it yourself projects but have a problem with getting distracted and not finishing for a long time. My Mr. Do Everything Yourself does not like that. 🙂

  5. Ah… we have something in common. I'm also an HGTV junkie and love to tackle those DIY projects with hubby! We've done pretty well on our projects and really enjoy them. I'm glad it sounds like you didn't do any serious damage to yourself. Be careful out (in) there! Those home improvement projects can be brutal! 🙂

  6. Love, love, love HGTV. I watch it online b/c we don't have cable. How cool is that? One year ago we were in your shoes – pulling up our old linoleum flooring. Talk about staples! It's all worth it in the end. Glad you didn't do any damage to your foot.

  7. HGTV is shared sport on Saturdays around my house. The watching kind of sport–although I have been known to redecorate/renovate when the spirit strikes.

  8. Argh! it just ate my comment. Anyway, was saying that I love DIY shows, but I don't have the skill set. I have laid tile and painted walls, but the big stuff…not so much. It's so fun to watch, though, and I would love to try. Of course, now we have a new house, so hopefully there will be no need…at least for a while!

  9. I LOVE those fix-up shows, and I watched a ton of them when we were selling our old house. I aspire to be a DIY'er but time is my nemesis. (Of course, so is money, so…). In our second home, I laid the kitchen tile myself…it was insane, but I loved the way it looked afterwards. But I haven't tried wooden flooring or anything like, gulp, knocking down a wall.

    This time we bought a brand new house. Hopefully that means no DIY projects any time soon!

  10. Oh, man. LOL. I don't do a whole lot of DIY stuff. My husband does, but it's also his business as a drywall/paint contractor. He doesn't actually do the painting, but his crew does. Bu this joy is woodworking, so we have a lot of half-finished projects. I did help him lay tile in the basement though. I cut while he laid it down. I'm proud to say no injuries. I'm glad you didn't have to worry about getting a shot!

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