We’re Growing!

We aren’t getting taller but our family is expanding. I love it! When my boys were small I never envisioned the day there would be other women in their lives. Silly me! Everyone came home New Year’s Eve for my husband, Ed’s birthday. He was surprised when he came through the door and saw so many friends and family. I’m so glad his sister had us take a family photo. I would have forgotten!

Later that night we went to Mr. and Mrs. Delightful’s house for dinner, board games and Wii. That was so much fun! I’d never played before and guess what? I still throw the ball backwards in bowling!

Mr. and Mrs. Delightful a.k.a Sara and Ben
We played Catch Phrase women against men. Guess who won? Yep, people who use words more than grunts will always win in word games. Sorry fellows.
Josh and Brianna

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  1. Thanks Patti. My mom is in her 70's and it is almost impossible to beat her at scrabble. I keep trying though and once in a while I get lucky.

  2. What a fun, fellowshippy post!
    Love word games too, especially Boggle, which my bro and I have battled over for YEARS, and Scrabble, which I'm lucky to beat my 80-year-old mother at.!!

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