What High School did you attend?

That’s the big question that gets asked when you meet someone new in the St. Louis area. This past weekend I had a few of my friends over for a flashback night, 1970’s music, box pizza and chocolate cupcakes oh and bring your yearbooks. My friend Marty, couldn’t bring much to the party, she didn’t go to school in Missouri! Poor thing. (don’t feel to bad for her she had the California coast for a backyard!) My friend, Patty did go to high school in this area. As we flipped through her yearbook we were surprised to find a few secrets, (hush I’m not telling on you) but lets just say now it’s understood where that rah rah attitude comes from. The other thing we found in her year book were photos of my cousin! (Hi Terry! )

On April 9 at www.seekerville.blogspot.com another friend wrote about divine connections and mentioned me. I hadn’t considered how may of times God has put someone in my life to help along the way. It’s like looking back in that yearbook and spotting a photo or a bit of an autograph that fits into my life puzzle.

I had amazing help along my way. In high school Mrs. Ferry believed in me, not only did she trust that I had read every book on the class list already she let me audit another class during her class time as long as I came back for her tests. Then she took it a step farther. She told me I could go to college. I had my doubts about that, we didn’t have any money. Not to worry, she took me by the hand and helped me fill out financial aide forms. That still wasn’t enough, because of her I was able to be one of the first to graduate high school in January to begin my college career.
Before Mrs. Ferry, Mrs. Rogan had a turn at modeling me into a writer. She also gave me Shakespeare!

Those are just two people, there are many more. Looking back at the blessings brought my way has been fun. Thank you Julie Lessman for giving me a nudge to remember.

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  1. A few months ago I received an email from one of my old high school friends. I hadn’t talked to them since high school…and I guess we really were more acquaintances than friends…but now all these years later we are having a great time reminiscing and getting to know each other a bit. Our discussions have “nudged” me into many trips down Memory Lane. They really can be fun trips, can’t they.

  2. Great post Diana. We all have those teachers/mentors/friends/parents don’t we? Well the lucky of us do, anyway. Those who help us see that we are more than what we perceive ourselves to be.

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