Where I’ve been

I’ve been nowhere and everywhere. I didn’t have an internet connection for quite some time so no posting for me. So I read a lot of good books and traveled to different time periods, look for a review on A Tailor-Maid Bride by Karen Witemeyer sometime soon and a few more.

I’ve been painting and taking down wallpaper so now I also get to travel to a chiropractor 3x’s a week. Some of those projects may show up on my blog soon.

But the most fun I had this weekend was reuniting with four of my long lost friends. I moved to Gray Summit in 2nd grade and there I met Luanne, Debbie and Brenda, later Terry moved into our neighborhood and we all became good friends. Then we graduated and lost each other, until facebook. We reconnected and were able to meet in Eureka for breakfast.

I (and they) are fortunate to have such good memories of growing up together, merging in hallways between classes to pass notes to each other and a subdivision we could prowl the streets together without fear. I’m discovering from others they would rather jump from a plane without a parachute than to have breakfast with people from their high school. I am sad for them.

I am sad for my children who went to such a large high school they lost contact with their peers from elementary school. I hope someday they reconnect with them.

Would you like to see your high school friends or are you one of those willing to jump from the plane?

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3 thoughts on “Where I’ve been

  1. Jennifer Tiszai says:

    I went to a small Christian high school so everybody knew everybody. I love Facebook for reconnecting. I'm still in touch with about half my class and met up with a good friend in California this winter when I went to visit my family. It was a lot of fun. Glad you had a good time too!

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