Whispers of the Bayou

Whispers of the Bayou by Mindy Starns Clark

I didn’t think it was possible to bring back the feeling of being young, a library book in my hands

Clark has found a fountain of youth. At least for me with Whispers of the Bayou she transported me back to my youth, where I spent my summers devouring every Daphne Du Maurier the library had on their shelves. Clark’s book had me gasping, quivering in terror and when the story ended I didn’t want to read another book for several days. I just wanted to savor the glorious feeling of having read a well-written suspense story.

Kudos to Clark I will be purchasing her other books soon. And my copy of Whispers of the Bayou will not be lent to anyone, so don’t ask. This is a keeper!

Seriously this book didn’t let me go to bed. I stayed up until I finished the last page.

Here’s the back cover copy:

Swept away from Louisiana Bayou Country as a child, Miranda Miller is a woman without a past. She has a husband and a child of her own and a fulfilling job in a Manhattan museum, but she also has questions–about the tragedy that cut her off from family and caused her to be sent away, and about those first five years that were erased from her memory entirely.

Summoned to the bedside of Will Pedreaux, the old caretaker of her grandparents’ antebellum estate, Miranda goes back for the first time, hoping to lean the trust of her past and receive her rightful inheritance. But Will’s premature death plunges Miranda into a nightmare of buried secrets, priceless treasure, and unknown enemies.

You just have to read this book! That’s me not the back cover!

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