Wood Floor = more creativity?

Natural Red Oak

Photo isn’t the best but I promise to show you the entire thing when it’s finished.
Our weekends have been all about pulling up carpet, staples and nails and then installing this beauty.

I also painted the walls this week. Don’t be fooled by the paint and primer in one can marketing. This isn’t a big room and it took 2.5 gallons to paint. One wall is mostly windows and the other has double doors. Not sure where all that paint went. It looks blue in the photo but there it is more teal than blue.

Next step is a trip to Ikea for desks and bookcases.

I’m positive once this is all done and my mess is reorganized I’ll be able to write better and faster. Just like when you get new shoes and can run faster–that’s what this is going to be like. At least for a week until I start piling papers and books because that’s what I do. For now though I am going to dream a little dream.

All of this has been made possible because Barbour bought my book, A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee. It will be coming out in May.  Without that there would still be yucky carpet because we have undertaken the task of becoming Dave Ramsey people. IE. RESPONSIBLE ADULTS paying cash for what we want instead of using our credit cards and using money we don’t have.

Dave Ramsey is an easy thing to do but it is so HARD! Especially if you are an impulse buyer and you can’t do math like me. I’m the one standing at the cash register with the freaked out look. You know the one that says, “Are you kidding I spent that much? How?”

We’re only on week 2
Week 4 the scissors bite the credit cards in half.
I may die.

Are  you working with a budget? How’s that working out? I really want to know that I will survive this.

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  1. Thank Julie. We had to take another trip back to Ikea yesterday. It's so close to being done. AND it feels so good to have it paid for. I hope you can stop treading water in the debt pool soon. This week is CASH FLOW week for us.

  2. It's looking awesome!!!! And I know what you mean about knowing you'll be more productive when the room is done. We're doing the Dave Ramsey thing, too (though, we fell back into the debt pool recently and are now Ramseying our way out of it again). Can't wait to see the finished room!

  3. Oh, Ikea, I love that store. We don't have one near us but when I go to Bay Area I love to shop there. All the work and filled credit cards will be worth it after it is done and you are typing wildly in your 'new' room. It will all be worth it looking back.

  4. Yes, I've been on a budget all of my grownup life, thanks to my husband who was taught financial responsibility. We use a program called You Need A Budget (YNAB) to keep track of our expenses and various budget categories. It's great!

    I'm sighing in envy over your writing space. Once upon a time, I could claim our study as my writing room, but since my husband started working from home, it's turned into his space. I write wherever I can fit me and my laptop–on the couch, on the bed, in a rocking chair…

  5. Dave Ramsey is wonderful. We built most of house using the cash-as-you go method, along with doing what work we could. Saving money was the original idea, but being able to stand back and admire our handiwork was an unexpected bonus. Not to mention, when you build it and something goes wonky later, the fix is easier/cheaper because you can do it yourself (or at least know where to look).

    Your floors look beautiful and are certain to help you churn out word count ;-). Hope you'll post more pics often. Congrats on the book sale!

  6. I love Dave Ransey — great, sound advice in mostly easy chunks. LOL! OK .. so retraining our spending is no easier than turning out a novel — but you already turned out a novel! The payoff is worth the work! Keep going — on both the room and Dave Ramsey!

  7. That's so awesome that you're able to put down the hardwood all because of your writing! That's wonderful!!! And I like it! All the hard work will so be worth it. Thanks for posting the picture, and I can't wait to see it when it's all finished!

  8. Don't worry, you will survive this. We do use our cash back credit card, but I have to record each amount I spend in the check book. That way, it's already “paid for”. And my hubby has tightened our belts more this year, so I'm working on spreading out my purchases. It has worked well for us this way.
    BTW, love the floors. Sure, it'll make you write faster 😉 And I LOVE the paint & primer in one. It may not save on paint, but it saves on time!!

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