Writing against the wind

Yep, I’m back in my chair again and if feels good except the words aren’t coming very fast. The wind from my son’s fan is blasting across my desk making be a bit sleepy and my poor dog is coughing a lot. She’s been with us for 13 years and I think it may be time to let her go or at least soon. She has an enlarged heart. I always new she had a lot of love to give. She is my constant companion and even now struggles to stay with me if I move rooms despite my saying no, stay there and rest. So that and with a very ill mother in law (whom I love very much and doesn’t fit that awful sterotype!) is on my mind so no wonder I feel like I’m writing against the wind.

For now I’m working on my mission statement and later on my out of date web page. I’m also working on a mystery. I have more time now that I’m no longer working at the insurance office. I tried but it just wasn’t me, I felt like I sidestepped God’s plan a bit so now I’m going to give His plan a real try. Ever feel like that?

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  1. Fantacy!
    Thanks for reading my blog. I do feel better when I’m following what I think is God’s plan. Just wish it wasn’t so hard for me to figure out how to stay on the path.

  2. Diana, I know EXACTLY what you are saying about side-stepping God’s plan and then realizing we need to get right back to it!…when I am doing what I feel He has lead me to do, I am calm, serene, and joyful (not always happy, but always joyful!)…
    this is the first time i have read your blog and i have only read this post, but i will definitely be reading more!
    sometimes i feel like i am doing it all “against the wind,” then i realize that is usually when i have turned my back, so it is just a matter of turning back around and facing my Lord and Savior…then i am refreshed and revitalized by the wind instead of being blown back…
    than you SO much for your blog entry, it was EXACTLY what i needed today…
    oh and i have a MIL like that and a dog that is just like that (he has a heart condition and probably won’t be with us much longer also :(..)

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