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I’m still using Karen’s book First Draft in 30 Days and I’m actually ahead! Not by much but one day ahead! Thanks Karen. One thing having a calendar has done for me is give me more time. That sounds odd but I would spend the entire day at my computer working or thinking about it or emailing friends. In my heart I felt I couldn’t leave because there was still writing to be done. Having a calendar gives me a goal to reach each day and when it’s reached Yahoo! I can run to my sewing room and quilt. Or maybe since it’s warm outdoors I’ll take my book to the front porch and snuggle in my swing while I read. My husband’s glad as well because now I seem to have time to catch one or two shows on the food channel a week which means new meals for him to try.

Reverence for God adds hours to each day. Proverbs 10:27
So by respecting the gift God has given me to use I plan how to accomplish the tasks for the day. Then I’m rewarded by the blessing of time. Thanks God!

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2 thoughts on “Writing plans

  1. Diana says:

    Karen’s plan worked great for me for the last book. I’m getting ready to test it again. I hope it’s working for you, Rainy Writer.
    Discipline is such a hard thing. It’s easy to tell our children what not to do than to do it ourselves. I found the biggest time waster was tv. Now I print out newsletters, grab a writing book, my scene sheets and work druing that time. I can still stay in the room which is important becasue I like to be with my family but I accomplish more. They watch I work and on commericals we talk.

  2. Sandra says:

    Hoping Karen’s book can help me add a dimension of discipline I need in order to finish my book.

    I’ve been telling myself that I can’t move forward until I do more research … then didn’t attend an event I had on my calender which would help me move forward with that research.

    Back to the 30 day plan now. Though it must be modified to fit around my family/work/home life. But, I felt hopeful after reading your post (which of course I found on karenwiesner.com) when I sat down to “start again.”

    I’ve almost completed days 1-6 (which took me a month) but, back at it.

    I’m happy that God has shown you how he multiplies your time. Need that in my life at this point, too — but I know He won’t do it unless I do my part. (butt in my chair, up early, less t.v.)

    Which brings me back to discipline, doesn’t it?

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