We’re Not Blended

We’re Not Blended We’re Pureed –A Survivor’s guide to Blended Families
ISBN: 97875860

we're not blended we're pureed a survivor's guide to blended families

Can to families learn to cohabitate? In peace? Ever?

One widowed mom with two sons.
One widowed dad and one son.
Blend for 20 seconds until right consistency. But hit the wrong button, and this family is not blended we’re puréed!

Are you terrified that you charge into a version of the fairy tale wicked
stepparent? Do you paste on a smile and pretend your family is a vision
of 1950s mainstream America, while at home the battle lines are etched
in the drive but in time with the kid’s initials?

Don’t dismay. God is with you. This engaging, readable book is held together
with humor, liberally peppered with informative commentary, and includes
clinically sound information Proven communication tools. Find
real-world advice to help you when your own words fail.

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, an accomplished author with a background in education and psychology,
reflects on her experiences as a widowed mom with two sons who married A
widowed dad with a son of his own. Now, the few years of perspective,
he uses the narrative of our experience to help others better navigate
issues that arise in a new family.

Marty C. Lintvedt,
Diana’s friend, is a licensed, nationally certified professional
counselor who is a member of the American Association of Christian
Counselors and the international Association of Marriage and Family


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  1. My husband and I have five children together and I have a son from a prior relationship. So this will be my next book I am ordering from Amazon! God Bless.

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